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Emergency or After Hours Contact Numbers




Electrician  Jaymar Electrical - Greg 0418 873 226
Electrician  DC Electrical (Qld) Pty Ltd 1300 707 694
Plumber  Manchester Plumbing - Barry 0410 632 636
Plumber  Plumbcore 0477 666 277
Window/Glass Repairs  True Blue Glass 3209 8774
Locksmith  Smartchoice Locksmiths – Alex 1300 992 880
Locksmith  Sylverkey 1300 122 656
Garage Door Repairs  DC Electrical (Qld) Pty Ltd 1300 707 694
Water Extraction  Safeclean - Peter 3823 2333
SES   132 500










Vacating Your Rental Property 

Prior to vacating a rental property either at the end of a tenancy agreement (or following a periodic lease), tenants must provide the owner/agent notice of your intention to leave in writing two weeks prior to the vacating date. Failure to submit your notice of intention to leave in writing prior to vacating or failing to give the full two week's notice may result in you being charged for rent in lieu of notice. If you need to vacate the property prior to the Tenancy Agreement fixed term expiry date, this is known as a lease break. Tenants breaking their lease will be liable for costs associated with reletting the property (normally payable by the owners). These costs include rent until the end of the lease or until such time as new tenants take possession of the property (whichever is sooner) as well as the reletting expenses which are currently -

  • The Reletting Fee - Equalivant to One Weeks Rent + GST
  • Smoke Alarm Servicing and Water Meter Reading Charges - ($70.00 - no GST applicable)
  • Upgraded Advertising Costs - (At cost price if chosen)
  • Normal Vacating Costs (Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Flea Fumigation etc)

If you need to break your lease, contact the office to discuss your situation in more detail.

Tips for Getting Your Bond Refunded

When you return the keys and the RTA Exit Condition Report for the property to our office, this is considered to be the official handover date. Please be aware that you can be charged for rent until such time as all keys, remotes and the RTA Exit Condition Report are returned to the office so ensure that these are returned to the office to avoid any delays in getting your bond refunded.

When the keys are returned, the property should be in the same condition as the start of the tenancy with the exception of "fair wear and tear". All carpets should be professionally cleaned with a receipt proving this has been complete, yards mowed and edged, gardens weeded, hedges trimmed, all belongings and rubbish removed. All internal and external cleaning should also be completed and if you have had a pet on the premises at any stage of the tenancy, a flea fumigation by a licensed pest controller must be carried out with a receipt and warranty provided to the agent. Ensure you provide us with any copies of cleaning, carpet cleaning, flea fumigations receipts/invoices when you return the keys.

Within three working days, we will complete a final inspection of the property. We will then contact you to discuss this inspection. If any issues are noted, you will be given 24 hours to rectify these matters. If the matters are not rectified within 24 hours, we will employ contractors to complete the necessary work and the invoices will be charged to you. Once we are satisfied with the condition of the property, we will arrange for an RTA Form 4 - Refund of Rental Bond Form to be completed and sent to you so you can claim your bond back from the RTA. To assist us in getting your bond refunded sooner, as well as avoid any disputes, we highly recommend employing our preferred contractors to do the relevant cleaning, carpet cleaning, flea fumigations etc. Our preferred contractors have very reasonable rates and guarantee their work and can often save you time and money and avoid unwanted disputes. Under the Act, we have up to 14 days to finalise a bond refund. In most cases, we are able to process bond refunds much sooner particularly when our preferred contractors have been used.

Maintenance Requests & Requests for Property Upgrades/Improvement

If you have a maintenance issue at your rental property, you are required to advise our office in writing at your earliest possible opportunity after becoming aware of the problem. Maintenance requests can be lodged through this website, through Online Agent (once you are registered), via email or fax or in person at the office via a maintenance request form. Our office requires all maintenance requests to be submitted in writing so that they are documented to help minimise or avoid disputes. Once a maintenance request is received, we have an obligation to contact the owner/s for further instructions and arrange the repairs as instructed. If you feel that a reasonable time has lapsed since you lodged a request and no action has been taken, contact the office so we can follow this up. Maintenance request status updates can also be viewed through Online Agent.

If you would like an improvement or upgrade to be made to your rental property (eg. blind/curtains screen installations, additional tv points, ceiling fan installation etc) you can submit a request to the owner/s in writing through our office. We will forward all requests to the owner/s for consideration on your behalf. Please understand that the owner/s have no legal obligations to approve a request for upgrades or improvements and it will only be done at their discretion. 

Some Common Do's and Don'ts During Your Tenancy

  • Advise your Property Manager of any changes relating to your tenancy
  • Contact your Property Manager immediately if you have any issues relating to your rental payments
  • Keep your Property Manager updated with any changes in your contact details
  • If you are renting a house with polished floors, we recommend using felt pads or other protectors under your furniture to prevent accidental scratches and subsequent deductions from your bond
  • Do not keep a pet on the premises under any circumstances unless this has been approved by the owner/agent in writing
  • Keep pets outside at all times unless you have written approval from the owner/agents
  • Make appointments with Property Manager to ensure that they are available if you need to see them
  • Do not make any structural changes to the property without the owners/agents permission. This includes inserting picture hooks, using touch up paint on walls, doors or ceilings, installing shelves, changing tap washers etc.
  • Contact your Property Manager in writing with any maintenance or damage issues at your earliest convenience
  • Mow lawns and maintain gardens on a regular basis
  • And most importantly - If you're not sure about something, ask and don't assume
  • If you have a pool, ensure this is maintained throughout the year, not just in the warmer months
  • Do not sublet the property under any circumstances
  • Do not run any type of business from the property (including childcare) unless you have received written approval from the owner/agent.