Terms and Conditions for Quote Requests / Work Orders


To ensure that our Agency complies with the relevant Legislation, as well as to meet our contractual obligations with Clients, Tradespeople are required to:

  1. Respond to our work requests by ALWAYS CONTACTING THE TENANT THE SAME DAY OR WITHIN 24 HOURS if not a vacant Property. Advise Tenants you have received authority from our office to attend to work required. Briefly outline what you will be doing, discuss and arrange a time for entry.

Advise our office of the arrangements so we know the status also and can follow-up with an Entry Notice to the Tenants, if applicable.

  1. If you are not able to contact the Tenant within 48 hours of receiving the job, please call the Property Manager, who will send an Entry Notice, with your details and date and time of entry or assist in the contact process.
  2. Do not enter the Property without the above steps first taking place.
  3. If our office advises that you can collect the key from our office, you are still required to contact the Tenant. Advise us of your entry details or if you have not been successful in contacting the Tenant/s. If necessary, we will contact the Tenant/s on your behalf and send an entry notice to the Tenant/s.
  4. If a Tenant is home at the time when you attend to the job/quote, please, wear your name badge, company uniform, be neatly attired - applicable for the work you do, show the Tenant your business identification or introduce yourself etc. Offer to remove your footwear before inside entry, if not required for the job you are doing e.g. safety.

Please do not park on the driveway without first consulting the Tenants.

  1. Work quietly and quickly and remove all rubbish, tools etc and clean up before leaving the Property.
  2. Keep the Tenant and the Property Manager informed of the job status at all times.
  3. If the Tenant is not home and you have had approval to enter with our keys, always leave your business card either on the kitchen bench or in the letter box, with a brief note, ‘see over’ and on the reverse advise of job status. E.g. ‘Tap fixed’ or ‘Need a part, will return Thursday.’
  4. If a limit of an amount authorised to repair is given, determine the cost first. If the cost is over the authority amount you must advise the Property Manager, whilst on site, by calling the office, and seek further instructions.
  5. When you are at the Property, we appreciate your vigilance. Please report to our Agency, if you find any other concerns or issues we need to be aware of.


  • All invoices are to be sent to jamesdeanpm@jdre.com.au
  • Our Tradespeople are usually paid within 30 days of receiving the invoice.
  • If work relates to a Tenant’s Bond, payment will be made from the Landlord’s account, wherever possible. The Bond will reimburse the Landlord.
  • We pay Tradespeople electronically into a nominated account - please provide your BSB and account details.
  • An itemized statement is forwarded to you within 24 hours of a direct deposit processed into your account.
  • No other payment options are available.
  • All invoices are to be addressed to ‘THE OWNER’ c/- Agency.
  • We recommend that you request a 50% deposit to commence work over $1,000.
  • Mid and End of month disbursements occur on 1st and 15th of each month (or next business day as applicable). Please have invoices to our office by 12th and 27th of each month to be given priority processing.
  • Invoices received after these dates will be included in the next disbursement.


We appreciate your skills and service and value our working relationship.

Communication is the key ingredient to ensuring we both benefit from our association. That is why we have outlined our Policies, processes and requirements in writing for you. From our experience, by following the process described in this document all parties know the status of work and jobs provided to your company which in turn helps to minimise issues which can arise, such as delays in completion of work, client communication and payment to you.


If you have any suggestions that can assist or improve the way we work together, we would appreciate hearing from you!